Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★

The first 40 mins I was engaged, it was fun, kinda badass, the acting for Carey was amazing (The whole way thru). But then....I was like, Why are all the men douchebags?.......And then I realized a female directed this movie. by all means, I express no hate towards Emerald.....But really?? so typical.

Bo was good at the start, I also hated how midway through the film Carey was so inconsistent bc she changed her mind like 400 times. Which was annoying and unrealistic.

I also needed to remind myself of the movies dark humor and fantasy elements a few times so I did not nitpick the small things. Some moments will be empowering for many viewers but I had a few too many times where I struggled to take things seriously (even considering the topic). There are some very tough and real moments for characters here but can be washed out by some of the (dark) comedic elements that parody the situation. The subject matter just tends to put me in a more serious mood. Along with some of the actions of Cassie, a joke, snarky dialogue or revenge plan would suck out the atmosphere for me.

It was in those moments I had to remind myself that this movie is what many women would wish they would do or say. How they would approach bs justifications around terrible acts. Just like 80s macho male action stars, the more these characters progress, the more ridiculous it becomes. Almost seemed that there needed to be a revenge montage somewhere...But that's its goal and it doesn't mean its not entertaining either way.

The ending was somewhat satistfying, but just typical,(How else was it going to end....the men got away with it) I foresaw it after the hour mark. I want to rate this lower, but Carey's acting was amazing and I don't want to do her like that. She might enter the letterboxd society and seek vengeance on young, puerile, stupid men. Like me.

Pros: Carey Mulligan (8/10), overall visual style (7/10) Soundtrack, was not bad considering. (7/10)

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