Stalker ★★★★

"Take music, for instance. Less than anything else, it is connected to reality, or if connected at all, it’s done mechanically, not by way of ideas, just by a sheer sound, devoid of… any associations. And yet, music, as if by some miracle, gets through to our heart. What is it that resonates in us in response to noise brought to harmony, making it the source of the greatest delight which stuns us and brings us together?"

I absolutely love that quote. The irony is, that this movie barely uses music and yet the most intense scenes (In the zone) happen without it. The first hour and a bit I was bored a bit, it did not keep me entertained. This movie was obviously not meant to be entertaining, which I respect because there is a lot of heavy subject matter. (Humanity ain’t shit!) But starting from the tunnel scene it got really great, especially when they were in the Room. Technically, this movie was impeccable, the shots were perfect and the performances were really strong. Which is why I'm giving it half a star more.

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