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This review may contain spoilers.

- Thena, play nice. You've never fought me.
- I've always wanted to.

For me it's a film of its own. What I mean is that I’ve just watched a MCU film but it didn't look like one at all. Maybe that's why it's so criticized by the critics? Anyway I loved it and I'm already planning to go back to the cinema to see it again as soon as possible.
Like many people, I've been waiting for this movie for so long, and it's probably the movie I was looking forward to the most this year: and I'm not disappointed at all, I loved every single minute of it ♥ I don't even have the words, the only one that comes to my mind is wow.

My favourite character is Thena, Angelina Jolie plays her wonderfully. Her look, her power, her vulnerability... I loved everything about her. I would have liked to know more about her relationship and her life with Gilgamesh (by the way RIP, I just knew he was gonna die but I was too attached to him I shed tear 😭, thank you Ma Dong-Seok).

Then comes Ikaris, of course! Reason 1: Richard Madden, reason 2: Richard Madden. More seriously, I accidentally read a spoiler about his character, so I knew he was going to act badly, or at least that he wouldn't be the hero of the movie. But in the end, even if I was team Sersi on the final decision, I understand his point of view (and by the way, RIP Ajak, you looked so relaxed and wise I liked you too you deserved better, I wanted more screen time for you Salma Hayek). But yeah I love you Richard Madden once again you’re so hot.

Then it's tight between Makkari and Sersi, so I'll talk about them at the same time. I was so looking forward to seeing Lauren Ridloff in this movie, having discovered her in TWD I was so excited to see what her power was and what she could do on the big screen. Frankly I'm not disappointed at all and I find, in my humble opinion, that her fight scene against Ikaris is better done than all the scenes of Flash or Quiksilver combined (I said in my humble opinion) + Makkari and Druig pls I want more of them 2!!!!!!
Sersi for me was one of the underrated eternals, she’s calm, sweet and compassionate, caring and more powerful than we are led to believe. Her power is so cool, and I thought it was really cute when she was talking about it on camera. Gemma Chan is slowly becoming one of my favourite actresses, she has nothing to envy and nothing to prove.

Finally I'm talking about Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry) probably the most human of all the Eternals, we didn't see him as much as others but his power is no less impressive. I loved his cute little family and his quiet life, I wanted him to stay with his husband and their son but I enjoyed seeing him in action in the fight scenes.
I will also talk about the purest soul in this film : Karun (Harish Patel). I love him, he is funny despite himself and so endearing, especially when he thanks the eternals at the end, protect him at any cost.

All the characters are endearing, unfortunately for me some characters did not touch me more than that: I really liked Kingo, played by Kumail Nanjiani, before the Eternals split up, and his power but I don’t know I lost my interest in him at one point in the film ;
Druig, played by Barry Keoghan, annoyed me a bit with his "I can save humanity in a second if I want to" meh, fortunately he's close to Makkari which saved him in my eyes;
and finally Sprite, played by Lia McHugh, I simply didn't like her, I rolled my eyes when she followed Ikaris and held back an insult when she stabbed Sersi, that's it 😑

Of course, the visuals were wow, no need to even go into that, we all saw the same thing, a feast for the eyes, so a huge WOW.
The story wasn't complicated to follow, everything went together correctly, the flashbacks were a bit messy in terms of dates but it's only a detail that didn't bother me more than that.

As for the post-credits scenes, I knew he was in the film but I had forgotten about it, Harry Styles is entering the MCU ! I must admit I was a bit shook. And for the last one I asked myself hundreds of questions on the way back, I can't wait to see what the sequel has in store!

I knew this movie would be so good, I can't wait to watch it again ♥

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