Annette ★★★★

Is this what Charlie Kaufman sees in his nightmares? 

Every somewhat weird arthouse indie gets thrown the term “not for everyone,” and while that may be true in some cases I can’t think of a movie that deserves that label more than this. I understand the mixed reception, though kinda surprised by it at the same time. I feel “weird” is an easy and not really giving full credit way of putting it, I’d say more unique and kinda batshit at points. Very unique in a way I love and never feels pretentious and just made me feel lost in the world, I felt the atmosphere. The style of this movie is very much my shit, it feels like Jacques Demy and Terrence Malick took acid and made a stage play. It puts you in this bizarre dreamlike borderline fantasy world subverting the classic fame plot and it delivers it home well with great scene after great scene. I’m a slut for musicals and I loved the unconventional way this movie handled the musical aspect. Despite its over the top nature it’s able to land home with the emotions and subtle jabs at celebrity culture and other things as well. The directing, cinematography, music, writing, and performances (bruh that kid from The Big Bang Theory is super good in this, glad he’s away from that shitty show, hoping he does more stuff like this and A Serious Man) are all great. I will say it’s maybe a litttttlllleeee too long and it did feel repetitive at points, but other than that I dug the shit out of this. Unlike any movie I’ve seen in a long time, looking forward to rewatching this. Watched two bangers in a row after being in a bit of a funk with watching movies due to school. Wonder if this will be the next Amazon film to get a Criterion.

Gonna make for a banger “out of context” twitter account someday.

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