Parasite ★★★★★

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Seeing this in IMAX was a true blessing, one I feel lucky to have received, and was the best possible way to watch the movie.

The range of emotions I felt watching this movie again for the first time since August, before it’s Oscar buzz and then win, picking up on stuff I didn’t catch the first time, thinking more about things I did but didn’t give enough thought towards, allowing myself to look closer at certain elements, the true perfection of the performances and symbolism, and allowing myself to go harder on the ride, which made the moments I was already shocked by even more fucked this time. 

Being able to look at every nook and cranny after already having everything explained to me for months after watching this movie from Twitter gave me a completely new perspective to a film I already had loved, but felt was a bit overhyped. Even though I now knew everything that was gonna happen, I felt so much more this time now that I knew what to expect, and the complex and rich nature of all the character’s motivations was able to seep into my mind like water dripping from a faucet. Knowing everything happening then being able to see it with a different perspective made me realize that I didn’t give it the proper viewing, and this time when that ending hit, I felt so much more affected.

Everything about this movie is perfect. Even with SLIGHT continuity issues, but those are the smallest nitpicks, everything else is so amazing. This is why I love cinema. This is why I love discussing it. This is why I have such a passion for it.

I stayed through the credits to listen to the music and I felt like I was about to let tears loose. A film like this being able to win Best Picture is something we can only dream of happening, but it happened. Dear god it happened. God bless Bong Joon-Ho. Can’t wait to see more of his work.

Also, *clears throat*, in the wise words of Robert De Niro, “FUCK TRUMP!”

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