Rocketman ★★★★½

No better way to end Pride Month than with this movie!

I couldn’t hold it back, I cried.

As a closeted queer, a person who has had horrible family issues, a person who feels lonely too much and hates myself for it even though I have everything but still feel empty, as a person who was looking for love for ages, as a dreamer, as a person who just loves movies, as a person who hated BoRhap, as a person who wants more from biopics, as a huge Elton John fan, as a huge fan of musicals, as a person who demands more positive LGBTQ+ representation in media, as a person who has struggled with depression, this movie means the world to me.

I’m genuinely considering bumping my rating up to a perfect 5/5, and I may in the future, because there’s only some flaws I have that hold it back, but who knows. Other than that, I adore this movie to pieces and I already feel a personal connection to it in many ways. 

Thank you to everyone involved with this movie, for reminding me to be proud of who I am, for reminding me why I love movies and going to the movies, for reminding me why I love music, and for making me the happiest a movie has made me in so long.

I’m so happy this movie ended up being as great as I wanted it to be ever since I saw the trailer, and for giving me everything I wanted from it.

The best way to wash the taste of Yesterday out of my mouth.

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