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  • Cool Hand Luke
  • Once Bitten
  • Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts
  • Sing 2
  • Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

First Time Watches Of 2022

162 films

Welp, another year ahead. Let’s hope it’s better, but we always say that and it never is. But hey there’s…

  • A Silent Voice
  • Good Time
  • Blade Runner 2049
  • Baby Driver
  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer

My Personal 2017 Ranking

75 films

List is greatest to least if your wondering. This year was super good despite what my friend Carson may tell…

  • A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III
  • Ginger & Rosa
  • Spring Breakers
  • The Bling Ring
  • The Spectacular Now

A24 Catalog Checklist

137 films

Doing this cause I’m on a quest to see every film they have distributed, and for others to look at…

  • Predator
  • Prey
  • Predators
  • Predator 2
  • The Predator
  • Spirited Away
  • My Neighbor Totoro
  • Kiki's Delivery Service
  • Howl's Moving Castle
  • The Secret World of Arrietty
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • Top Gun: Maverick
  • The Northman
  • Nope
  • Jackass Forever

My Personal 2022 Ranking

47 films

We’ll see if this year goes uphill from Hotel Transylvania 4.

  • The Purple Rose of Cairo
  • Annie Hall
  • Blue Jasmine
  • Crimes and Misdemeanors
  • Manhattan
  • The Favourite
  • First Man
  • Sorry to Bother You
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • Hereditary

My Personal 2018 Ranking

76 films

Edit, 2021: This list a mess because it’s been around since that actual year and I tried to add notes…

  • 28 Days Later
  • The 400 Blows
  • All Quiet on the Western Front
  • Amadeus
  • Amélie

Classics I Still Need To See (AKA Movies I Need To See Before I Die)

141 films

Ever since I became the huge movie buff that I am today, I have tried to see every film considered…

  • Paris, Texas
  • The Tree of Life
  • Punch-Drunk Love
  • Come and See
  • Before Sunrise

The Criterion Collection Ranked

92 films

Criterions are my favorite thing in the world.

  • Resident Evil
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife
  • Resident Evil: Extinction
  • Resident Evil: Retribution
  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse
  • The Brothers McMullen
  • Girl 6
  • Stealing Beauty
  • She's the One
  • Looking for Richard

Fox Searchlight/Searchlight Pictures Catalog Checklist

214 films

I know it’s weird I’m putting this much emphasis on a distribution company, but hey, y’all do the same with…