Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★

After catching the first couple of previews for this film I had no desire to watch it. The character looked corny and the graphics did not impress. Then the movie comes out and every review says it is the funnest action film in ages. Maybe it was that over hyping but this wasn't the most fun that I have had in theaters. Don't get me wrong this is a very enjoyable film and I laughed more than i do in most comedies.

To my surprise the best thing about the film are the goofy characters. With perfect writing of the script they find a tone that keeps them absurd without them being laughably bad. The scenes where they are all together, taking and giving verbal jabs, are hilarious. With these characters not being as established as say the Avengers they are able to keep things light and goofy but get away with it. I liked all the characters equally except for Zoe Saldana, she has her own side story but most of the time she is just on screen to be a love interest. Groot saying the same line over and over got old fast but he is the most interesting visually. Drax's habit of only taking things literally is a funny idea that they could of done more with, I'm sure the sequels will keep it going. Rocket Raccoon was also fun to see and I'm glad his role was kept light because his attitude could become annoying. Bradley Cooper's accent was an interesting choice, it helps with not visually Cooper every time he spoke but it never seems the same throughout.

What I would consider the bad parts of the film really are not that bad. Everyone gets a back story about why they are on the team but only Starlords gets major focus, making everyone else look less important. The dramatic story of Starlord's mother does not fit in well with the rest of the film. It is suppose to be why Starlord likes to be a loner but it doesn't work. If he is suppose to like to work alone then why contradict it with him being with the group of bandits this whole time? The only reason for the mother events is to tie in the mixtape playing through the movie. Also in the first scene it is said that Starlord got into a fight with some kids because they were torturing insects, the very next scene he is shown kicking small lizard creatures. The soundtrack is also a miss for me, while it is different to have older pop-rock songs in a comic book movie, all the songs have been in other movies and are more memorable in those then they are here.

If you don't get over whelmed by the glowing reviews then you might not be disappointed. It is a fun popcorn blockbuster where the banter between the team will have you rolling. Not all the jokes hit the mark but more do than don't. Visually this film is stunning with beautiful colors and characters who could not be done with lessor technology. Even though they include scenes that are targeted at younger children, I would not recommend it due to the language and violence.