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  • Lolita


    While Lyne is an obvious master of sexual tension (fatal attraction, anyone?), it is debatable whether or not it is in good taste to bestow this vision onto a fourteen year-old. Regardless, Lyne is brilliant - he makes the viewer identify with Humbert's sexual longings, moments later whipping them back to reality with a surge of guilt. Irons and Swain are top notch, and the production design cultivates 1940's America flawlessly. This version of Lolita is much truer to the original novel than Kubrick's masterpiece - it had some large shoes to fill and, in my opinion, did so with heartbreaking elegance.

  • The Room

    The Room


    Flawless, poetic - the product of an unnervingly talented writer, director, producer and, especially, actor. Fantastic!