American Honey

American Honey ★★★★

I will continue to say that Andrea Arnold is one of the best and purest naturalistic filmmakers working. I should really get to more of her filmography, but I'm an enormous fan of Fish Tank. The manner in which she is able to capture raw authentic and youthful performances is extraordinary! Just like she did with Katie Jarvis in Fish Tank a decade earlier, Sasha Lane puts in an awards worthy powerhouse debut performance. Arnold is an underspoken titan when it comes to coming of age films, and she perfectly captures that soul and minutia to the smallest bumble bee, stain, and wart. Her continued collaboration with DOP Robbie Ryan is all the more gorgeous and stunning all the same. 

This is one for the teenage wasteland, those of us lost in society, to the outcasts, those in search for love in hopeless place. The van scenes really reminded me of all the road trips and competition drives I had with Drumline back in the day, or when skating around picking up the crew. All of these sentiments carry over into the beauty that is American Honey, a film about youth, love, escape, finding yourself, and accepting what you have. This is the type of film that really caters to my inner urge to just pack a single bag and walk away from everything. No plans, no backup net, nothing; it'll just be me, the road, and the sky above.

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