Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★

*Slides Jolly Rancher into old white guy's mouth*

[Ultimate Cut]

The newly added 30min do not help make this any better at all. I'd actually say they might have been better off discarded as they were on release. This is one I'd be fine never returning to now that I've finally seen both cuts of it; it pains me how much potential was squandered here by biting off far more than Snyder could ever chew. We needed a Man of Steel 2 and a Bat of Gotham film before this. Thus the inciting mistake of the DCEU and their hubris of thinking they could catch up to the MCU, in the final lap. That's like going from releasing Iron Man and First Avenger, straight to Civil War—in which it's final act would all be Thanos set-up. I don't hate the film, but it certainly went down a peg. Watching the two part animated Dark Knight Returns films would be my staunch recommendation instead.

PS: Al Pacino as Lex Luthor would have single-handedly saved this film.

PPS: I never noticed how they bluntly make Gotham out to be a ghetto in comparison to Metropolis. "Oh that trash urban place across the river?! You don't wanna go there."

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