DeepStar Six

DeepStar Six ★★

"Holy shit, I don't believe it! Look at the size of that fucking thing! Oh my God!" (👹)

Forgive me Gavin, but this was quite the snoozer. Having recently rewatched the future cult classic Underwater and first experienced Leviathan, Deepstar Six just felt like the less talented younger sibling. I think the existing cult fan-base should truly belong to the superior in every regard, Leviathan, which released the exact same year (1989). I wasn't bored, nor did I have to pause or go to get something from the fridge, but I was not engaged at all. The characters were unsympathetic and extremely one-dimensional, the pacing is awful and lacking any suspense at all, and they mistakenly opt to leave the central appealing factor...the creature, out of the film for the majority of the runtime. It's a short film, but it feels longer than The Irishman. By now you should all know I love the deep sea horror sub-genre, so I was really disappointed to find this incredibly lackluster. I guess director, Sean S. Cunningham thought that saving the monster reveal till the end would have worked as well as it did for his legacy-work, Friday the 13th. Wrong call. 

You know what, I've been saying it since I saw Underwater, the first time, but I should really get to that Deep Blue Sea rewatch. The second best shark film after Jaws: it blends the whole isolated location, deep sea, and sharks into one cult classic!

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