Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★½

While I still have fun with this one, it doesn't hold up as well on rewatch now that I've seen all the F13th films. They really mess with Jason almost every chance they get because this film being New Line, absolutely favoured Freddy. So I guess my recent marathon just makes this have a bit of a sour taste—I do prefer Jason as a slasher killer. Even with that aside, the script—which was plagued with so many rewrites and different parties—is all over the place, very much like the ridiculous electro/metal/techno score. Even being on my phone during most of this, the holes and production fuss definitely show. Regardless of it going down a little in my books, I like the intent behind this collab and have a bit of nostalgia for it.
Robert Englund is as per usual having a blast.

Best kill: Bed mattress sandwich  


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