The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist ★★★★½

An amazing screening at The Paramount at SXSW. Truly funny and heartfelt with spot on recreations of the most famous scenes from the original. Kind of forgot James and Dave were brothers for a good minute. Both do exceptional jobs, and James is one hell of a convincing Wiseau. It's a film inside a film, and it pays homage where it needs to. Not only does it make you laugh, but it pulls on your heartstrings a bit, and documents falling in and out of friendships and relationships as well as uniquely showing us that all-too familiar story of failure, perseverence, and the rewards and opportunities that it brings. 

On the other hand, it was really interesting to hear their responses during the Q&A--they really talked about not only the process of recreating scenes, but the inspiration and relevance. They were so genuine and honest with what they had to say about their project  and Wiseau's as well. I deeply respect Rogen and the Francos, this one is one to see, even if you're not a huge fan (the only disclaimer is that you should probably know what the hell The Room is otherwise this would just be a 0 star film for you to begin with). SXSW definitely made this one to remember.

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