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  • Justice League Dark

    Justice League Dark


    Finally, after a LOT of disappointing efforts recently, WB has a new hit on their hands. Putting Batman forefront on the cover artwork is almost a disservice to this film as it's an obvious marketing ploy. Yes he is in the movie throughout, but he is relegated to almost an observer, or a layman for the audience to relate to. Luckily the rest of the original League is barely in this, and lets it's actual characters shine, which is something…

  • The Shallows

    The Shallows


    Visually stunning, white knuckle inducing, superior shark effects, and with a perfect running time leaving very little opportunity for a viewer to get bored, I wish there were more shark movies this well made. Really kicking myself for not seeing this in theaters. Oh...and Blake Lively is a goddess!!

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    A great original, modern horror movie that manages to nail metaphor and emotional social commentary while not being too intellectual. While taking place in modern day, the INCREDIBLE synth score and the suburban teenager plot made it feel like a lost Carpenter or Craven film from the '80's. Best blind purchase I have made in a long time.

  • Cemetery High

    Cemetery High


    The only thing I enjoyed about this is that it reminded me of nights staying up on weekends watching Rhonda Shear on USA Up All Night. Terrible sound with the music and sound effects louder than the dialogue, although I don't think that would improve it much. Extra half a star for a nice shower scene. Assault Of The Killer Bimbos came out the previous year and it feels like this was thrown together to ride the coattails of it's (success?)