The Amazing Spider-Man ★★★★½

I had expectations of disliking this heavily, being a big fan of Sam Raimi's original trilogy. I didn't think we needed to sit through another introduction to the characters, or another retelling of the origin. But I've got to say they knocked this out of the park. It is a decidedly different take on Spider-Man though. The best way of describing it would be that Raimi's films have more of an innocent, timeless comic book feel that is like the John Romita Sr. era of the comics, while this is a more modern feeling, realistic version that owes a lot to the Brian Michael Bendis Ultimate Spider-Man. Gwen Stacy is a breath of fresh air, since my biggest problem before is that Kiki Dunst wasn't right for the part of MJ. So glad we finally get to see The LIzard. He was very impressive, and I am very happy he retained intelligence and talked instead of just being a Hulk like monster. Wish he would have kept the lab coat on more though. But hey little nitpicks like that are the ONLY complaints I have against this. Even the costume which I loathed in the first pics I saw, instantly grew on me, seeing it in motion onscreen. Especially the eyes of the mask which is another thing I thought was botched in the originals. I know I know, I am rambling. But this is the type of gushing fanboy I become with this character!