Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge! ★★★

(Short Review)

I have to quickly watch some Baz Luhrmann films for my Single Cam class.
The first half of this, it kind of sucked. The editing was so damn sloppy and so many images are being thrown on the screen it gets really disorienting. Truthfully, for the most part of the first half I had no idea what was happening. The second half, I kind of loved.
Nicole Kidman was good, but Ewan McGregor is the real star of this for me. Especially near the end, he really gets into the role.
This reminds me of The Greatest Showman. An overly produced musical with over-the-top acting, good intentions, great costumes, but lacks in any real interesting story.
I'll tell ya'll what though, I take this over The Greatest Showman any day.

7/10 (B-).

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