Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★★

(Short Review)

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. It all finally ends. I've been going up and down with this franchise. Overall I was excited to see how it would end.
Personally, I had a great time watching this.
Milla Jovovich is back for the last time as Alice. She doesn't disappoint.
There's a whole new batch of characters as well.
Although if it's the last movie who cares if they live or die. This story belongs to Alice.
This movie has all the Resident Evil clichés that audiences love/hate:
-attempted jump scares
-bloody zombie violence
-more attempted jump scares
-pore character development
-cliché one-liners
-throwaway characters
-over-the-top explosions
-quick messy/non-messy editing (depending on who you ask)
-constant mentioning of the Umbrella Corporation and the T-virus
-references to all the past movies
-and an ending that’ll leave you wondering if this really is the last one

If you hate this franchise than odds are this won't win you over. If you're entertained by this franchise like I am than you'll probably enjoy this for what it is.
I had a blast with this movie and I'm glad I got the early screening.

P.S. Some of the visuals aren't that bad. Especially during the first 40-45 minutes.

8/10 (B+).

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