Rocketman ★★★★

(Short Review)

I miss the earth so much I miss my wife.
It's lonely out in space.

My rating will stay the same, but my appreciation for the film has gone way up. Yes, there are moments when it feels very much like a montage. Then again, that’s probably how he went about a lot of his life.
Some musical biopic clichés? Sure. But what biopic film doesn’t have that?
Taron Egerton for an Oscar nomination? It’s still early in the year, but why not. He’s was pretty great. I’m really starting to appreciate this film the more I see it.
Some moments still feel rushed, cringy, and the ending is somewhat abrupt. For the most part however, the film never feels boring and the powerful acting combined with the music helps the story go along very quickly.
I’m glad Elton is alive and doing well. His music is really his own and it definitely stands out, especially after revisiting this film.

8.4/10 (B+)

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