Shame ★★★★★

(Short Review)

"How are you helping me?"

It's a couple minutes after midnight and I just finished watching this.

Actions speak louder than words. Yes, that does sound kind of like a joke considering what this film is about.
In all seriousness: this is a really dark film that I think really shows what sex addiction looks like.

This is the third time I've watched this and the first time I've reviewed this on Letterboxd.
I don't know if I can watch this anymore. I just don't know how much I can take. I always go through different emotions while watching it. Come to think of it, maybe I'm not even watching it correctly.
Perhaps I still don't fully realize how emotionally devastating this really is.
I hope to one day give this a full in depth review of this. Until then, just read this.
The characters in this are broken and have nothing. Even if they have think they have everything, it can't replace the whole they have in their hearts. Love means nothing to them. Intimacy is important in a relationship, but you have to be committed. That's something our main characters can't do.
It's a sad tragedy into the life of a brother and sister who can't get there shit together.
I find this to be a really haunting story.
Here's a link to a great review that helped me look at the film in a new way:
I'd recommend this once for the film lovers out there. It's difficult to watch it a second or third time after.

This is an incredibly bleak film that's beautiful in storytelling, performances, and perfect shots.

No dialogue needs to be said for me to understand these characters. Just the looks are enough for me to shed a tear.

That's all I have to say.

10/10 (A+).

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