Shelter ★★★★

(Short Review)

What this film lacks in storytelling, it makes up for it in performances and direction.
Paul Bettany's first directional debut is really something. I can't believe he cast his wife in this. Simply because, she does a lot of uncomfortable things in this film.
Jennifer Connelly & Anthony Mackie really give great performances in this. What I thought was interesting was during the first half of this film, Anthony Mackie was the lead while Jennifer Connelly was the strong supporting role. During the second half, Jennifer Connelly was the lead and Anthony Mackie only showed up 3 or 4 times throughout the film. It's within those 2 halves that I feel like the story starting going nowhere. I felt for the characters and the situation they were in. That being said, a lot of this film just fells like filler so it can lead to the next big thing.
I still think it's a powerful story overall with great performances. Connelly and Mackie are the reason this film works so well.
Check it out on Netflix now.

8/10 (B+).

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