Take Me Out

Take Me Out ★★★★★

It's late as I'm typing this, but I wanted to get out my quick thoughts again since the film is now open to the public.

Link to view film here: vimeo.com/347640157

“I still…don’t know what’s worse: How familiar this all feels…or the fact that it all still fells…like nothing.”

Very few films can reveal so much about a person, engage a viewer, and still being able to deliver an important message in a short amount of time (referring to short films in general). This is the exception.
While it's no means an easy watch, it's worth everyone's time. Let alone the powerhouse acting from Brian Anthony Collins, but the visual aesthetic is something to behold. DP Sebastian Fernandez Rodriguez shot the hell out of this. The color and lighting of many scenes still throw me off on how great it is.
I also don't think the sound design is getting talked about enough. It's pretty damn good, and in certain moments it really makes certain scenes stick with you.
I'm sure the director, Fritz, is tired of talking about the film at this point, but I just want to say again how proud I am with his film. Wanting to make a great film can be difficult, let alone a short film watchable. At the same time opening yourself up to the world can be even more frightening. But he wrote, directed, and edited a film that was very personal to him. He tackled his fears head on and ultimately created something that, I believe, will have a significant impact on those who go and watch it.

Once again, it's available to view on Vimeo now.
For a Limited time.
Watch it now while you still can.

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