The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★½

Coronavirus Quarantine Marathon:

All this controversy was for nothing. What’s unfortunate, outside of the fact that this didn’t get it’s due at the box office, is that it they’ll be people who will watch this with blinders and still say how dangerous this is. Or, most likely, won’t watch the film but will continue to make judgements on this simply basing on advertising. As people do for...everything.

Me personally, I really had a great time watching this. The politics and perspectives can be jumbled up, but it didn’t matter because this is a comedic violent satire.
I had a blast watching.

Realistic: Hell No.
Does it showcase all political sides for their stereotypes for the sake of plot: absolutely.
That’s the point. We all need to just take a breath.
This is worst case scenario and great entertainment for us.

“Depends on whether they're smart pretending to be idiots or idiots pretending to be smart.”

7.8/10 (B).

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