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  • The Man from the Sea

    The Man from the Sea

    看深田晃司電影的時候我都覺得缺乏甚麼,但這個缺乏的感覺其實很美。《來自大海的男人》這一部電影透過 《18歲的盛夏告白》的樂觀鏡頭探索《莎喲娜啦》及《臨淵而慄》的「怪怖」(unheimlich),而且把導演以前拍過的基本問題(包括邪惡來源的問題)擺在受到歷史影像的記憶背景裡:日本在印尼的佔領、自由亞齊運動和2004年的海嘯。

  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    No hay nada más cinegénico que el trabajo humano y las máquinas pero a esta película quizá le falten un remate y un planchado.

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  • Blackhat


    Does anybody know which are the books by Derrida and Foucault that quickly appear in the prison cell at the beginning of the film ?

  • Mülheim/Ruhr


    I cannot think of any other "landscape" film on an industrial town and its inhabitants, that is as fair, precise and touching as this one. Each one of the individual portraits in the film is a masterpiece. So many things to learn from a 15 minutes film !