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  • Father to Son

    Father to Son

    "Mirror Image" wasn't brilliant but at least was motivated by a desire of freedom, of doing something new. 18 years later "Father to Son" appears as the work of a filmmaker who, wanting to demonstrate how mature he is now, remains nevertheless captive by a few cheap mise-en-scène tricks: come on! those horrendous black and white flashbacks, the unnecessary use of steady cam and slow motion, the fake computer-generated butterfly or the dronish bird's eye travellings reminding us of the…

  • Double Ghosts

    Double Ghosts

    Día del 7º aniversario de la muerte de Raúl Ruiz y cumpleaños del cineasta, George Clark, proyección en 35 en el cementerio de Nuevo Taipéi en el que Ruiz rodó su Comedia de sombras. Generador eléctrico y dos proyectores manejados por especialistas en sesiones al aire libre para difuntos, la proyección fue precedida por un cortometraje taiwanés, quizá de los años setenta u ochenta, para disfrute de los muertos ahí presentes.

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  • Blackhat


    Does anybody know which are the books by Derrida and Foucault that quickly appear in the prison cell at the beginning of the film ?

  • Mülheim/Ruhr


    I cannot think of any other "landscape" film on an industrial town and its inhabitants, that is as fair, precise and touching as this one. Each one of the individual portraits in the film is a masterpiece. So many things to learn from a 15 minutes film !