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  • 24 Frames

    24 Frames

    24 diaporamas

  • The Great Buddha+

    The Great Buddha+

    I watched the short film a couple of years ago and I really was not expecting the final version to be that good. A comedy with a strong Taiwanese taste, that succeeds to keep a distance at all time without being less funny and provocative. This film is really good news for Taiwanese cinema.

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  • Blackhat


    Does anybody know which are the books by Derrida and Foucault that quickly appear in the prison cell at the beginning of the film ?

  • Mülheim/Ruhr


    I cannot think of any other "landscape" film on an industrial town and its inhabitants, that is as fair, precise and touching as this one. Each one of the individual portraits in the film is a masterpiece. So many things to learn from a 15 minutes film !