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  • Lake Bodom

    Lake Bodom


    Not a horror fan in general but ended up at a screening and was hopeful. Unfortunately it just didn't really work. The deaths were pretty meaningless because none of the characters were worth rooting for. The lake was pretty, though.

  • Tempestad



    These women's stories themselves are very compelling and speak to huge problems in Mexico, but they were lost to me among an hour and a half of unrelated images of people riding on buses. I'm not sure why they chose to present them this way, but it made the film very ineffective for me. The producer was at the screening and I heard him talking about how one of the women has been passing out flyers seeking her missing daughter…

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  • The Company You Keep

    The Company You Keep


    Seemed like the story here was not complicated enough to warrant as much time as it took to reveal it. The pace of the entire thing just felt too slow. And can we talk about how Redford runs with T-Rex arms?

  • Sleepaway Camp

    Sleepaway Camp


    I don't know how to rate this. Do I rate it highly for its delightful awfulness? Or poorly for its awful awfulness? I guess I'll go high(ish) for those ball-hugging shorts.