A Woman Under the Influence ★★★★★

It’s hard for me to undersell just how powerful and engaging the work Gena Rowlands does in this film. She is legitimately brilliant, and at times terrifying. The films balancing act, the question of whether she is truly institutionizable, is just so stupendously performed. It helps that Falk is believable both as a gaslighting misogynist/narcissist as he is a concerned husband who can’t help but lash out due to how upset he is. But Rowlands’ performance is this same dance in high heels and and backwards. She’s heartbreaking and brilliant and does some of most unsettling work I have ever seen by an actress. Cassavetes knows how to write his wife an absolute powerhouse character, but Rowlands knows how to take her husband’s words and give them more life than the page can ever imagine to provide.