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  • 8½


    Guido: Eminenza, io non sono felice.
    Cardinale: Perché dovrebbe essere felice?

  • La Ronde

    La Ronde


    12 Months, 12 Directors
    January - Max Ophüls #2

    I'm finding Ophüls' work to be way more familiar than I expected. Not so much with plot, but execution and direction. Makes for real cozy viewing. Camerawork had some really nice dutch angles that were more for aesthetics than a plot device which I enjoyed as well. This adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's play is whip-smart, effervescent, and such a stark difference to the prudishness of 50s Hollywood.

    I wonder if the…

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  • I, Tonya

    I, Tonya


    Like The Shape of Water, I mostly excuse any issues I have with this cause I had a good time watching it. Yes, it's Goodfellas on Ice, and while it's highly stylistic, I do believe there is earnest attempt to separate Harding from what happened; giving that story to the pair of World's Dumbest Criminals alumni that she associated with. Of course, the film's source material isn't exactly 100% credible, but it definitely redeems Harding's persona. While more of Nancy…

  • Akira



    Film #2 of Smiler Grogan's Scavenger Hunt
    Task 2/30: An anime not directed by Hayao Miyazaki


    I haven't watched this in ages, but it also used to be played at parties (cause my friends in high school were anime nerds, something I never really was myself) and all I remembered from this was just two hours of TETSUOOO and KANNNEEDA. But watching this with fresh eyes has really allowed me to fully appreciate it. Great animation and…