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  • God Help the Girl

    God Help the Girl


    Still a firm believer that this would have been so much better if they kept Catherine Ireton as the lead.

  • Life Is Sweet

    Life Is Sweet


    Sweet lil' slice of life. Life is Sweet exudes coziness with an airy score that segues each scene to the next. Yet behind the familiarity and laughs is real struggle and rejection of the others through projection.

    Wish there was more of that plot and none of the side story of Aubrey, which would have been appreciated if this were a TV show, but not for a film. Only positive was the change in focus to the mother, who is…

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  • Akira



    Film #2 of Smiler Grogan's Scavenger Hunt
    Task 2/30: An anime not directed by Hayao Miyazaki


    I haven't watched this in ages, but it also used to be played at parties (cause my friends in high school were anime nerds, something I never really was myself) and all I remembered from this was just two hours of TETSUOOO and KANNNEEDA. But watching this with fresh eyes has really allowed me to fully appreciate it. Great animation and…

  • Bottle Rocket

    Bottle Rocket


    Film #1 of Smiler Grogan's Scavenger Hunt
    Task 1/30: A Wes Anderson film

    Far less quirky than his later works and while that's something I appreciate, it does leave Anderson's only major flaw out in the open, which is plot. Usually his style and pacing make up for it, but here it's mostly just covered by Owen Wilson being classic Owen Wilson. That being said, it's just a harmless fun little flick. No major conflict, or at least what…