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  • Loveless



    L'Avventura: Poisonous Parent edition

    Does exactly what it says on the tin; absolutely everything about this Russian Grimms' fairy tale is loveless. Its aggressive critique of national identity is close to the bone; in the form of a symbol of change, and seemingly no body bats an eye, not even the state.

    Child-goes-missing is an effective and sometimes cheap plot line that automatically grabs audience attention, perhaps because its the purest and most emotive symbol of loss, however Loveless plays…

  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    PTA's love letter to the old Hollywood Gothic.

    I've seen the film twice now and hope to catch it again on 70mm. My first viewing had left me bowled over, unable to articulate what I had just seen, perhaps routinely bludgeoned by Greenwood's epic score. It wasn't until the re-watch could I finally begin to comprehend what a masterpiece this truly is. You find comedy and emotion in places you would only assume unthinkable.
    Perhaps the kinkiest film to never…

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  • Pretty Baby

    Pretty Baby


    Louis Malle on Netflix. Its stunning from the get go, with luscious cinematography, romanticising the rich landscape of dreamy New Orleans, and its plot unravels like an old novel. Even though Malle treats the story with grace, the subject matter is awfully intense, too intense and undoubtedly will never be transpired for the silver screen again, and rightly so. Even though its truthful to a America and perhaps masculinity's perverted history, there is a self-evident line where and where not cinema can go. This film is it.

    Violet manifested as her mother, playing with her doll (as Violet)... ;(

  • The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

    The Treasure of the Sierra Madre


    All I can tell you is that Greed is evil, humans are evil and Bogart's wig is evil.
    Devastating universal critique of the human capacity of greed and its corruption upon the soul. This film's central interest is not the actual gold but rather the degradation of Bogart's character. We watch him foster the delusions and obsession of betrayal as he spirals into depths of insanity. Bogart's strikingly un-leading man performance breathes such life into the character of Dobbs that…