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  • Vice



    -Christian Bale fully morphs into another human being and devours every scene he's in.
    -Somehow has the best and worst editing of the year.
    -Sure, it's tonally all over the place, but it at least aims to go miles further than the usual biopic. So fascinating to engage with the lurking hidden power of a figure most people know nothing about.
    -Far more exciting than the Battle of the Sexes, which was essentially a cinematic blowjob to RBK 
    -I adored the Shakespeare scene and the waiter scene.

    Bafta screener

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    'I do fear confusion and accidents'

    -If Fassbinder directed Barry Lyndon on half the budget.
    -A perfect film for now and certainly Yorgos's greatest English film. Bizzarly directed and I do hope he finally nabs an Oscar nom.
    -Perverse, sarcastic, sexy, farcical.
    -The acid-spitting dialogue is gorgeous and extremely quotable.
    -The heart of the film are the three actresses and their sparring social dynamic. Olivia Coleman is superb but the other actresses don't fall down by the wayside. If one…

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  • Hereditary



    Dread and horror play hand in hand in this twisted tale.

    A resurgence of well crafted horror over recent years has really sucked me into its spiralling vortex. For ten years now we've been putting up with the excrutiatingly lazy 'from the studio that brought you Paranormal Activity' - for almost so long that the very concept of the horror felt like a used up and trashy genre; stuffed with retellings of the same ghost stories or cabin in the…

  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    This film spat on me and forced me to laugh about it.
    Classic Lars