Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★

“That’s all it is..  a leap of faith”

Starting with the good and the obvious, Into The Spider-verse showcases an amazing and unique aesthetic, and a refreshing style that distinguishes it from the usual regurgitated animation style, which has become the default of most other animated films today. The films editing, direction, and soundtrack are also a treat to enjoy.

My problem with the film however is subjective, though quite considerable. In an age where comic book films have oversaturated the film industry, I’ve come to set a higher standard from the generic and predictable storytelling which I have seen a hundred times before, and have far outgrown at this point. This film is no exception, despite the fact that it hits the right emotional notes, its story did not impress me as an audience member and is probably much better suited for a different kind of person, who is less indulged in the genre. 

When I walked out of this movie I wasn’t surprised nor excited by anything more than its visual style, and that is not enough to make a movie for me. But for someone else who doesn’t hold storytelling to the highest standard as I do, I can recommend this as a good watch.

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