Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ★★

So I bought this car. It was pretty flash back in 2003, fast and fun to drive. It took some unexpected corners and was a surprising thrillful ride that I really enjoyed.

After a few years I got the new model thinking it would give me the same buzz, but it didn't. It felt overcomplicated, like the designers had too many ideas and had crammed in too much cleverness into what should be a simple concept car, getting me from A to B with the minimum fuss but with a lot of excitement. And when the 3series model came out, the designers were clearly prescribing to me their version of fun, which seemed to involve a lot of peripherals which only seemed to slow the car down and make the ride more complicated.

Thinking the brand was dead I forgot about the car. Then this year a new model was released. I should've stayed away, instead I drove the bloated thing around. Perfectly good elements were squandered and used for cheap tricks. What were strong elements of a journey were lost in new-fangled crap and generally I just wanted out. Sigh.

Oh and I should also mention, this film sucked.