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  • Intimate Stranger

    Intimate Stranger


    i realized after i put this on it was my first of the year and i was like 'aw i was gonna pick one i was super looking forward to'.....but soon i would realize this is a MASTERPIECE OF SLEAZE! its perfect in that erotic thriller way, though surprisingly the story actually falls together quite nicely, twists and turns that i doubted but then reasoned in my head. could you believe it..!

    it boldly taunts my strong distaste for the…

  • The Christmas Wife

    The Christmas Wife


    i had firm intentions of watching this while it was still the season and i may have dawdled away most of it but i finally got into this tonight! something about this mysterious made-for-tv movie both grabbed and held my interest. a slow ride through the christmas weekend of a recent widower and the strange woman he spends it with. being made for tv and featuring senior leads it immediately gave me Queen of The Stardust Ballroom vibes, and it…

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  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2


    they are so patient and supportive with their grandfather :'-)

  • Late Bloomers

    Late Bloomers


    this movie i found by chance on tubi tv on the last night of pride month, really feels like a gift from the universe right now. a gem more hidden than one could ever expect for something..like this! this concept! a lesbian romcom, MIDDLE-AGED LESBIANS, from 1996! and no reviews??? in what world!!! it even seems like it had decent production value!

    it is...1996. the flashy wallpaper, the way everyone dresses, especially the stereotypical lesbian teacher clothes...wouldve had me crushing…