The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★★

I finally got to check this out, and don't really understand the hate it got. It's an entertaining summer movie with a more interesting story than you'd expect and a couple of inventive and energetic action set-pieces that are just, for lack of a better term, fun.

Yes, it's overlong, with one too many story-lines that often make the Lone Ranger a bystander in his own movie and it has a framing device that doesn't completely work. It also tries to be more than a typical adventure film with a subplot concerning the plight of Native Americans, that seems misplaced among the lighthearted entertainment of the rest of the movie.

The actors do fine, solid work, with the exception being William Fichtner, the character-actor is almost unrecognizable as the snarling villain; he's a bad guy worthy being scared of. And if you like trains, you'll probably love this movie. The final action sequence is kind of incredible in how it's staged, with multiple trains going in and out of frame, but it's never confusing and makes sense in a live-action cartoon kind of way.

I can understand the trepidation before release, that this was a bald-faced cash grad to create a landlocked Pirates-esque franchise, that it was another bloated summer spectacle, that Johnny Depp was being weird again, and while those things are true, it shouldn't take away from what the movie does right.