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  • Peeping Tom

    Peeping Tom


    Film #15 on my terrifying journey through Hooptober V.

    The British Psycho is how Peeping Tom is often described, and it isn't an inaccurate way to do so (even if it actually very slightly predates its more famous counterpart). For its similarities though, it's also quite different. First, most obviously, would be the lush, primary color palette. It's gorgeous and makes every scene pop, and draws a great contrast to the black and white film sequences contained throughout. Secondly, a…

  • Housewife



    Film #14 on my terrifying journey through Hooptober V.

    Can Evrenol's Baskin was a surprise hit for me in 2016; a "let's give this a shot" random selection on Netflix that I knew nothing about (I didn't even realize it wasn't in English until after it started). What followed was a surreal, kaleidoscopic plummet into the ambiguous and grotesque. And a year later, I was anxiously awaiting the chance to see his follow up effort, Housewife, though sadly it'd be…

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  • Overlord



    Enjoyed this a ton. It was a lot less zombie movie than the trailer made it seem, but it didn't lack in action. Gorgeous lighting and a wonderful focus on practical gore effects that go a long way. Looking back at it, it's easy to see that it really isn't that adventurous plot wise, and while I liked the characters, they too fit pretty typical archetypes. But it has an infectious energy and paces itself well, despite being longer than…

  • The Bells

    The Bells


    Reviewed as part of my Dreadit Top Horror Films by Decade – 2018 Challenge.

    A decent Christmas time morality tale with a few nice scenes and effects. Barrymore and Karloff give solid performances. It's no Phantom Carriage though.

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  • Halloween



    Film #26 on my terrifying journey through Hooptober V.

    How do you even begin a review about a movie like this? There isn't much point in setting the stage, we all know the legacy of Halloween and Michael Myers. And much of that legacy is set aside for the sake of this sequel, which posits itself as a direct sequel to the original film, ignoring more than half a dozen other features to come out in the last 40 years.…

  • Logan



    The Wolverine movie I always wanted.