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  • Dual



    A few years ago I caught a showing of The Art of Self Defense on a whim and was completely blown away. I immediately went back in search of Stearns' previous film, Faults (equally fantastic) and have since been eagerly awaiting his next feature since. I didn't even watch the trailer for Dual going in; I knew I wanted to see it no matter what, and was content to leave it at that. Unfortunately it didn't get the local theater…

  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    Bless you Sam Raimi. Loads of fun, feverishly strung together camp and cheese like you'd expect, but too seldom get, from a comic book movie. Lots of fun nods and cuts from the comics that feel like someone taking a genuine interest in the material, but unafraid to poke fun at it in the most morbid ways as well. Raimi's signature frantic visual style and editing (credit as well to long time collab Bob Murawski), plus a delightful Danny Elfman…

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  • All My Friends Hate Me

    All My Friends Hate Me


    Playing catch up on the group watch selection from the last couple weekends, as my wife was hospitalized during that time and there's just been a lot going on. It feels weird to sit and write any kind of review after only logging two weeks worth of idle cable tv watches haha. She is home and doing better now, though there are still things to take care of, so I may be on and off in terms of activity here…

  • Suicide Forest Village

    Suicide Forest Village


    Watched during my Summer of J-Horror III.

    Convoluted and weird, but in a cool way. Got downright brutal in places too. It's nice to see something interesting from Shimizu again, cause Howling Village was not it. Supposedly these two are part of a loose trilogy, so I suppose I'll be looking forward to whatever the third film looks like.

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