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  • Hereditary



    The feature length debut for writer/director Ari Aster has been a veritable machine for hype, getting rave reviews left and right and making a reputation for itself as a modern Horror masterpiece. It's a hell of a claim, so needless to say I was both very excited and very nervous about seeing if the film lived up to the hype.

    Well, it does. By and far, it proves itself as a fantastic and unnerving film at every turn. The second…

  • The Witch in the Window

    The Witch in the Window


    I found myself with a reserved interest in The Witch in the Window based on the lowkey trailer, and having been a bit disappointed with writer/director Andy Mitton's previous feature We Go On. Far from a bad movie, it just had a distractingly low budget look and it struggled to stick its loftier concepts in the end. This does however mark Mitton's first feature without co-writer/director Jesse Holland, who worked alongside him on both We Go On and YellowBrickRoad (a…

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  • Piercing



    I've been curious to see another film from Nicolas Pesce after The Eyes of My Mother, a film I found very stylistically interesting and creative, but narratively murky and drab. Being that this film has a novel basis (written by Ryû Murakami, the writer behind Audition), I wondered if the input of another writer would make a noticeable difference. Pesce did take some liberties with it though, writing the adaptation himself, and based on what I know about the novel...well,…

  • Glass



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Caught this again last night, and while some of my pace issues were a little less noticeable, I can't say it was a positive enough shift for me to consider increasing my rating. I do think this is a good movie though, and though I usually don't do spoilers, I want to highlight a scene.

    In the hospital, the leads are all brought together for a group interview in which Paulson pointedly tries to convince them that their delusional, specifically…

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  • Bird Box

    Bird Box


    Too long, and perhaps bearing too much resemblance to similar films (A Quiet Place and The Mist), but the final product is just fine. It has some really strong moments, like the highly destructive intro, and generally vicious deaths, that made me want to like it more, but the split narrative, and excessively melodramatic conclusion really wore my interest down. In the end fans of those movies above will probably find enjoyment here, as will I think people whose tastes lean more drama than horror. And that's okay.

  • Paddington 2

    Paddington 2


    Yeah, I just burst into tears at the sight of two animated bears hugging in a theater packed full of children.