History of the Occult

History of the Occult ★★★★½

One of those flims where the concept and early rumblings got me worked up about seeing it with a quickness, and I'm glad I did. I enjoyed the Nightvale-esque antics of Ponce's The Kirlian Frequency, and am happy to see that his feature length effort is even more exciting.

History of the Occult is a stellar piece of vintage stylized horror, reminiscent of last decade's fantastic The Laplace's Demon and the works of Isaac Ezban. The fuzzy, black and white visuals are hypnotic, and the momentary splashes of color are deployed where they can really pack a punch. I loved the retro news station graphics and commercials, these television program antics cut between a journalistic race against the clock with a tense, noir-ish atmosphere.

There is a lot going on, and it was exciting to be thrown into the midst of it and seeing how it would unfold. It presents a million little things to connect together, and does a remarkable job at disrupting one's sense of reality through minimalist effects. I'm already looking forward to revisiting it.

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