Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★★★

I was suddenly struck with the urge to watch this again, and only realized after I decided to that I'd rewatched it around this time last year as well. It feels like much longer ago now, given the way that the last year has gone. I still recall the very first time I watched this as well, what feels like a lifetime ago, and I've never been able to forget the feeling it gave me, nor has that feeling been dampened by the passage of time.

There's such an unassuming softness to the film; a gentle, somber touch that belies the gravity of both the existential dread of facing one's mortality, and the profound sadness of emotional isolation that the story so gracefully examines. The ordeal of confronting the looming specter of death in solitude. The tragedy of being unseen, our feelings unknown to those we care for.

An ever evolving narrative of nesting mysteries, horrors both real and supernatural, drive the film to a conclusion that is as devastatingly sad as it is deeply haunting. Whatever small faults I may have had with the film in the past have melted away, as it continues to be one of the most affecting features I've ever seen.

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