Midsommar ★★★★½

I bought tickets to an out of town theater to see this tonight due to a lack of local showings, but found that my local theater had put up some last minute show times yesterday. So I saw it then and I'll be going again tonight haha. I want to see it the second time before I try to commit my full thoughts to paper, but suffice to say it's fantastic. My gut instinct is that it feels less likely that I'm going to bump this rating up like I did with Hereditary, but we'll see.

Gee whiz info though, I got my very first pair of glasses a couple days ago (time is catching up with me I guess). My vision isn't that bad, but for distant things, it was becoming noticeable. This was my first theater experience with them and the difference was...well, bigger than expected haha. I'm glad I had them for this; it's such a vivid, colorful film.

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