Possessor ★★★★★

Night #12 of Hooptober VII.

My last trip to the theater was in March, to see Emma., which up to this point has more or less been my movie of the year, so thankfully that was at least a pleasant experience. I debated a lot on returning to the theater finally at this point, still concerned over the state of things, but finally talked myself into it after very specifically lining up a showing that was totally empty. Seven months apart, and I'm back to back on movies of the year, not too shabby.

I adored Antiviral, so my curiosity and hype for what the younger Cronenberg would come forth with was pretty much off the charts, and again he has proven to be a film making force of his own. Gorgeous, gorgeous film, with more of the uncanny, surgically sterile sci-fi (less so every day perhaps) seen in his previous film, laced with explosive bouts of surrealism and ghastly ultra violence. Jim Williams provides a superb score that is perfectly in sync; warm, subtle, eerie pulses that spike into aural catastrophe. Silence is deployed in effective measures, letting the weight of crushing sound design empower every vicious stab and blow. Stellar, nuanced performances from Riseborough and Abbott stand out among an already solid cast.

I can't wait until this hits streaming so I can watch it again.

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