Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★

So I definitely saw this at some point as a kid, but my recollection of it is vague. So besides all the instantly recognizable bits from pop culture, this was pretty much a fresh watch for me. I think I'll be checking out the others this week too (I'm pretty sure I saw the second film once too).

Totally fun movie. Lots of iconic set pieces and action sequences, and of course that classic score. There's not much bad to say about it really. But it didn't really floor me or anything. I can see why it has the status that it does, as it does the action blockbuster thing perfectly, but it's still just that. I sort of turned my brain off and just had fun with it, but once it was over it was off my mind pretty quickly. I suppose since I didn't grow up with it, it just doesn't resonate quite as strongly.

I do always love seeing these older films and how they pushed the boundaries of the rating system though. For what was then a PG film there are some really gruesome deaths and special effects, and that's pretty rad.

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