Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★

Just some bullet points for this one:

- Too Long
- Olivia Cooke is really delightful in the first half of the film. I think she's a great actress and it's good to see her getting out there.
- Mark Rylance is also really great, very quirky but in an intriguing and endearing way
- Beautiful visual effects
- Tremendous direction of the action scenes
- Loved the Shining sequence
- Way too much exposition
- References on screen are mostly fine, but it gets really cheesy when you actively call them out
- Characters kind of lose steam for me in the latter half in general. Everything feels rather generic and uninteresting.
- Tonally feels off towards the end. Kind of goofy considering the really dark stuff that happens earlier

I got distracted while writing this list so I can't remember what else I wanted to say now. Not a bad movie overall, very well made on a technical level, but the writing itself is not great. I've only read portions of the novel but based on that, I can see how it would've happened. For fans of the book though, I'm sure this'll be a blast, and for anyone else who just wants a flashy popcorn flick, this'll serve the purpose easily.

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