Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

A totally fine movie. It hits some pretty generic story beats, but it's coherent and offers up enough humor and action to stay entertaining, though it is perhaps a bit too long. Some of the humor does fall flat. There's a lot of great costume work though, and the score is really good too.

Donald Glover shines brightest in the cast for me, almost eerily replicating the sound and mannerisms of his predecessor. Ehrenreich does fine, but never quite touches that same embodiment of the character.

I have mixed feelings about the reveal in the ending (no spoilers), which relates to a character that I really love. I was partly excited to see it but also...well, it clearly felt like fan service that really won't go anywhere, which kind of undermined my enjoyment. know.

But in all, I had fun enough with the movie and don't regret seeing it. It clearly isn't going to shake anything up or stand out from the crowd but there are far worse things you could watch.

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