The Guest

The Guest ★★★★½

As mentioned in my Death Note review, I really liked The Guest. We watched it immediately after Death Note as my friend had not seen it and he enjoyed it a lot as well. I'm not yet sure if it was a fluke or simply the right genre of film, but the action and humor work perfectly well while still maintaining an entertaining level of suspense. Dan Stevens is also fucking delightful.

Maybe Wingard needs to step back from "horror" and make more 80's throwback action thrillers. Maybe something like The Terminator is more in line with his creative style than something like The Blair Witch.

I hated You're Next when I first saw it, but I was not looking for nor expecting the tonal shift into comedy that it had. I'm going to give that one a rewatch soon to see if I'll feel any differently about it, or if The Guest will continue to stand out as the exception in Wingard's filmography.

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