The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera ★★★½

Film #36 on my terrifying journey through Hooptober V.

Another gorgeous silent feature with fantastic sets and iconic makeup work for Chaney's performance as the titular Phantom. He's absolutely horrifying to behold and plays it up to the fullest potential, at one point elaborately costumed and perched atop a stature like a towering gargoyle. It did feel a bit overlong though, and my interest waned a little bit. This may have also been an unfortunate effect of the lack of the music that is now so famously associated with the story, which I was shocked to learn was a much more recent addition than I realized; it's barely older than I am, but it feels so timeless! The final moment is also a bit blunt and anticlimactic, even if the shadowy visage of Chaney atop a carriage, careening through the night is highly striking.

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