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logging full series
(lots of thoughts here iโ€™m so sorry i shouldโ€™ve logged all this weekly!)

first, i need to start my review with an apology. this goes out to mr vision: i am so sorry for all the times i called you a toaster or a USB or any other names.... i did not know you truly but now i see u for the king u are & i love u ๐Ÿ’”

second, them bringing in evan peters was truly evil and a pointed attack towards me because it made me hold onto the hope that we were going to get x-men or possibly even just a magneto appearance as well (donโ€™t ask iโ€™m very dumb for thinking this) so i'm a little sick from carrying that delusion with me for weeks.ย 

and finally, i just have to say the people of westview are really ungrateful because if wanda maximoff saw my boring ass life and turned it into a sitcom that spanned across multiple decades and let me look at her dilf husband all the while... I WOULD BE THANKING HER TF! they need to get outta here with that childish business for real....... she was doing what she needed to cope and they should have respected that.ย 

actually donโ€™t know what iโ€™m going to do with myself now that the series is over, it truly was my only motivation to get through these past few weeks :,)

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