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  • Prisoners of the Ghostland

    Prisoners of the Ghostland

    muted sono doing sono parody, it's not very bad and it looks far better than most of the current american films but the pace is disastrous and the film didn't go as wild as it promised ( it's the opposite actually, the over-the-top action is barely there and it's full boredom until the last 25mins or so ), its mild interest in a coherent narrative keeps pulling the film down ( the writing is so atrocious ( his first film…

  • Chaudhvin Ka Chand

    Chaudhvin Ka Chand


    Jameela said " i'm his servant not his wife " and this is ironically true but she said it in such an unironic way that really raised my doubts and now i'm struggling with the film's intent to do it ironically or not..
    A lesser Guru Dutt for sure and his weakest of that great period by a mile, his influence seems muted ( at least in comparison with Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam ) probably due to the genre but…

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  • Karnan



    Subverting the Mahabharata, toying with and around popular tamil films/masala tropes and our expectations from the genre, confirming the melodrama's greatness and importance when it used properly, pushing fearlessly the oppressed's fall, rise and solidarity to the extreme ( it's wilder if you count the true story this was based on and the general political atmosphere in the country right now ) with fantastic sense of the humanism and spectacular metaphors, and ending on a full ACAB statement. Populist cinema as its finest, great and neatly made film..

  • Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn

    Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn


    I suspect this to be some Euro art-house shit but nah it's good film: inventive ( both its form and its approach to the subject), provocative, relevant and very enjoyable. The dark humour is killer pushing the film smartly to very uncomfortable zone.
    Bonus points for the lit ending.