RK/RKAY ★★★★

The film's basic idea is killer and madly inventive ( curious to know if it was done before ) and the film did a great job in executing it for a feature film ( I wasn't hopeful about it to be honest ), but Kapoor who is in full control over his craft directed this cocktail of genres with charm and ease ( the blocking of that film-within-film is fantastic ), a mostly very well-written film even if the end's twist was kinda predictable.
Very good and stylish cinematography and especially great use of colours and lighting ( there is a discussion about the Sundance-ification of the Hindi indies that resulted in some colourless, bland films but glad Kapoor didn't go that way ) and the humour ( like most of his films ) is top-tier, the bit about the villain's character being unpredictable cause it was improvised by the actor is genius. I watched it without subtitles ( I understood most of the dialogues though ) and I suspected that some of the film's philosophy clearly went over my head especially for such a clearly personnel and probably autobiographical film even if much of the protagonist's ( and maybe Kapoor himself ) existential crisis is quite evident.
Eagerly waiting for its wide release and the audience's reactions to it.