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This review may contain spoilers.

Stanley Kubrick Is a genius! bringing us a film way ahead of it's time. This movie is basically a philosophical insight on the human evolution. If I had to name one film that looks at the largest concept imaginable I would name 2001: A Space Odyssey. A movie about life and the look at the world to come. Taking a look at machines taking over, mankind becoming too smart for it's own good, and the evolution of man into something greater. A great film and to this day a masterpiece to be marveled.

When I first watched this movie I was simply in awe. I was amazed with the storytelling and style of the film. And I just couldn't stop wondering how anyone could take on such an epic topic. And that man was Stanley Kubrick. One of my favorite directors for good reason. Only he could tell one of the most epic and thought provoking stories ever. And the way he can just make us think, about the darker side of humanity or simply why do we exist. 2001 doesn't attempt to answer some of the worlds largest questions, it just tries to add new ones. Like What the heck happened in the end? With one of the most ambiguous and open ended movie endings ever, everyone has a different idea about what it means. What do the Monoliths represent? Who put them there and Why? And what in the world was that Victorian style room?

Personally my view of the story will most likely be different then the majority of movie fans. I think the Monoliths were put there by some other worldly beings (whether that's aliens or far advanced humans) to track every step in human evolution, we have the Dawn of Man where the ape learns to kill and the true violent nature of man kind come out. Then the step towards new worlds the the discovery we are not alone, landing on the moon to discover the ominous thing waiting. Then the evolution of mankind becoming something greater, and using the monolith as a pathway to another step in evolution; becoming the Star-Child.

Anyway that is my overall perception of the film, and if you think something different please tell me in the comments. And if you haven't seen 2001: A Space Odyssey then stop whatever you are doing and experience one of the greatest movie marvels and movie mysteries of all time.