Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★½

I'm genuinely unsure as to whether or not it was a bad idea of me to blow up my spot as House Curator for the Mattes family household during the quarantine on the very first night. However, it's a choice I must live with. I absolutely love this movie. It's juvenile, incomprehensible, and pretty scathing. However, it's especially incredible as an artifact of an entirely different era where our apocalyptic fears were of something else entirely. No mention of climate change aside from fluid karma's slowing of the earth. We were too concerned with Bush and the Patriot Act at the time. This version of the end of the world feels almost quaint in retrospect. Obviously, the far right was emboldened by Bush's post-9/11 policies but I don't think anyone saw what actually happened coming. Just a few years later we stopped being primarily concerned with neocon overreach as Obama became a cultural icon--ignoring his embrace of the neocon system that Bush initially put into place. It wasn't until Trump did we see the really see the system in its truest and ugliest form.

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