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  • Gone with the Wind

    Gone with the Wind


    Now THIS is a movie!!! So glad to finally see a film in color. It took me a few sittings to watch the whole thing (3 hrs and 54 min!!!!) but it was so enjoyable! This is also the 3rd film I’ve watched on the list to star Clark Gable (I think I may be in love). The characters, the dialogue, the scenery, the sets, the music, the costumes, the history, the drama, everything was perfect. My most favorite part of this movie was definitely Scarlett, unlikable as she was most of the time. I most certainly would recommend this movie – to almost anyone.

  • The Witch

    The Witch

    Personally, I felt the ending was perfect and it was the highlight of the whole film. I will be quoting "Wouldst thou like the taste of butter and pretty dress? Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?" for many months to come.