Casino ★★★★

This was the first 18-rated movie I ever got my eyes on, and I vividly remember most of the third act and how god damn brutal and beautiful it all is. Scorsese films such as this always have such a unique way they present their finales, where all the characters usually meet their ends in some shape way or form, and it was lovely to experience this now after so many years.

My main issue with this is the first act, which, while interesting in places, is far too long and bogged-down by overuse of voiceover. I don't there was a dialogue scene that went on for longer than sixty seconds until maybe an hour-and-fifteen-minutes into the film. Sure, Goodfellas did something similar, but the information in that was more autobiographical, whereas the voiceover in this is mostly just explaning the inner-workings of the casino and Las Vegas. Which, as I said, is interesting for sure, but it didn't need to be focused on that much in that way. Once it gets going however and the relationship between de Niro and Stone is the main focus in the second act then wow this just becomes something incredible. They perfectly contrast each other with Stone being the over-the-top exploder and de Niro being silently calm and yet even more terrifying for it. I don't think I even need to mention Joe Pesci because, well, he's Joe Pesci.

And I know I'm gonna be the millionth person to say this about this film but....... the suits....... THE SUITS!

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