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  • I Am Here....Now

    I Am Here....Now

    "Cancerchemo kicked my ass!

    An extremely self-righteous alien-robot-ghost-deity takes on gun violence, big pharma, prostitution, dependance on foreign oil, corrupt politicians, drug use, disrespect towards the disabled, gang warfare, grand theft auto, and the black market, all with the power of a pair of magical glowing hands that can make people's eyes bleed, freeze time, cure cancer, reverse the aging process, AND make wheelchairs disappear.

    Why are both Neil Breen and James Nguyen (of Birdemic fame) so obsessed with solar…

  • Geostorm


    executive: "give me the pitch"

    writer: "WHAT IF hilary's emails bengazi'd hurricane katrina?"

    executive: "omg!"

    writer "AND she's played by ed harris!"

    executive: "$120,000,000."

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  • Ganja & Hess

    Ganja & Hess

    just saw the new restoration. it definitely will require another viewing for me, because even though i wasn't constantly entertained, inspired, or awestruck (i was occasionally all three), you can still tell this is major vision that's been hugely neglected.

  • Hereditary


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    it's official, allison janey IS the discount toni collette

    this was so much better than i was expecting. The Witch and It Comes At Night were fine but not really super impressive to me as "arthouse horror", so expect my surprise when this film comes along and doesn't try to "transcend horror tropes" but embraces them fully, twist them, and push the envelope on the suspension of disbelief to the point where my audience was laughing incredulously at many points.…

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  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut

    i am so thankful to have a family where i can choose this for our family movie night and, instead of being morally offended, my mom just complains that there wasn't enough dick in the film.

  • Ugetsu


    🎧don't go chasin waterfalls
    cuz a sex ghost at the end will seduce you🎀