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so whats the parking situation?

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  • The War of the 16 Year Olds
  • Journey Into Solitude
  • Four Sisters
  • Before Spring

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  • Twilight Q

  • Saltburn

  • Heroic Times

  • The Holdovers

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  • Twilight Q

    Twilight Q

    Both halves were vibing in different ways.

    The first half was basically a mini version of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time crossed with Ocean Waves, kind of a relaxing nostalgic feeling (I mean, as relaxing as it can be with all the references to the climate collapsing).

    The second half was minimal and clearly blew its entire animation budget on the first and last 30 seconds (which were awesome). The rest was noir-ish narration over some bizarre multi-media imagery. Much more subdued and abstract, but that shouldn't surprise you if you know Oshii.

  • Heroic Times

    Heroic Times

    Can't give this full marks because the amount of animation that is repeated and reused throughout the whole thing becomes a bit distractingly frequent. Also subject matter really is not interesting to me personally. But it's really just a pleasure to look at.

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  • Ugetsu


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    🎧don't go chasin waterfalls
    cuz a sex ghost at the end will seduce you🎤

  • Valley of the Dolls

    Valley of the Dolls

    my sister came in the room while i was watching this and said: "look! it's lana del rey!" and that's basically all that needs to be said about this film